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ipro - image compressor and resizer

iPro helps you to quickly compress your picture size at your desired dimension. It can also perform all the operations in a batch.

If you want to quickly reduce the picture size, iPro is the perfect choice. It allows you to easily compress the picture size without loosing the quality. You can process thousands of images and get the desired output in a short span of time.

  • ❤️ Loved to click selfies 📱 and not having enough space to store more pictures? iPro will compress pictures upto 70% and helps to store more selfies 😊
  • Want to upload pictures to social media or email 📧 that have restricted file size 😑. You can easily create image under 50 KB or 100 KB
  • Taking too much time ⏱ to upload images to web due to heavy file size !!
  • No worries, iPro will help you to compress or convert its file format, so it can easily be transferred even in low bandwdith.

Add multiple files and folder

iPro allows you to add multiple files or a whole bunch of folder at once to process the whole images.

Select files from multiple location

Selecting images is not limited to process only from one source, you can select thousands of images at command the app to process that with an ease.

Compress file size without losing quality

Command app to compress the images by setting the compression quality for all the rest of the images.

Image under max file size

You never need a PC to create image under 50KB or 100 KB to upload on the web

Multiple file format converter

Easy to convert the image to any desired file format. WebP supports more compression than JPG.

Save plenty of phone space

Easy to determine the space saved by the app.